About Us

Think of your house like a canvas. Let ASHBOURNE PAINTING & INTERIORS be your Artist.

When it comes to visualization, nothing has a bigger impact than colour. When the right colours are chosen, It can lift our spirits, make us more comfortable or relaxed, like at home or an office. Create a romantic ambiance like at a restaurant. Create energy like in a gym, sporting event or concert. The wrong colour choices can not only drain our energy, leave us feeling depressed, and affect our mental health. It can also dramatically affect our asset prices if and when you try to sell your property. That is why we are also here to help you make those important decisions.
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John Jones


Who we are

We are your friendly neighbourhood painting company. Using the highest quality, and environmentally safest products, that are properly disposed of at the end of use to help protect our planet. 

What we do

From protecting your biggest assets through proper maintenance, to your smallest, like taking your puppy out for pee breaks, while you’re at work, we are your one stop painting company, for all of your painting and staining needs. Whether it’s your home, cottage or business, let us take the stress out of your project being done right and on budget. We are also great at problem solving. A local restaurant located in Parry Sound, hired us to paint the interior of their re-build, and all of the interior and exterior of their cabins after a fire destroyed their main building. We were asked if we could create stalactites to make their wine cellar ceiling look like a cave. I told them that I could add color and sparkles for a more authentic look, but they were so happy with what we did that they just wanted it as was. We also painted the rock black.

Areas We Serve

  • Parry Sound
  • Lake Joseph
  • Lake Rosseau
  • Lake Muskoka
  • Georgian Bay
  • Lake Manitouwabing
  • Port Carling
  • Port Sandfield
  • Port Sydney
  • Windermere
  • Bala
  • Rosseau

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